Rosemary Renewals Body

Pre-open order 27th, Septembert. 2018 ~ 3rd, October. 2018

Hi. I'm Saintbloom.

Rosemary body has been renewed.

The entire line was modified more naturally by modification of the elbow, ankle etc.

Double joint of elbows extends the range of operation

The shipment will be completed by mid-November.

The prices of the body and the body to be released after this sale will rise.

(If anyone wants to add a head, please contact us by

Images and colors can be seen differently according to different monitor resolution.
Parting lines on bodies and heads cannot be removed.

Items included
Rosemary body(assembled, not include head), box, cushion

Height: 29.5 cm
Head: 4.8 inch
Circumference of one's neck: 5.5Cm
Chest: 12.5 cm
Waist: 10 cm
Hip: 14.5 cm
Length of shoulder: 2 cm
Shoulder width: 6.5Cm
Arm length: 9 cm
Leg length: 14 cm
Foot size: 4 cm

Price Charts


Rosemary Renewed Body (Normal, Beauty White) $140

Rosemary Renewed Body + Head(charlie, charlotte, vicky) $170


EMS shipping fees will be vary by the destination

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