Images and colors can be seen differently according to different monitor resolution.
Since we do all face up by hands, there can be some individual differences between heads.
Parting lines on bodies and heads cannot be removed.

Items included
Lollipop - Head+Body(all assembled), lollipop miniature, lollipop hand, eyes (acrylic random 14mm), box, cushion

You can add the dress and wig in the picture

Height: 31.5 cm
Head: 6.7 inch
Chest: 12.5 cm
Waist: 10 cm
Hip: 14.5 cm
Length of shoulder: 2 cm
Arm length: 9 cm
Leg length: 14 cm
Foot size: 4 cm

Price Charts


Head+Body set (Normal, Beauty White) $230

- Add Make-up $20

- Add Wig + Dress $50

Head(Normal, Beauty White) $80


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